Our Story

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Beginnings-Homeowners & Graduate School

As many of you now know, we are officially homeowners! After nearly a year of trying, we finally got our house on October 24.
We are all moved in now, but still in the unpacking stages. Each of us has been doing our things to make the house ours. Matt has installed a new kitchen sink, mounted the TV, gotten all of the electronics working, replaced light bulbs that were out, fixed the washer, and installed a fan in our bedroom. We are so grateful for Matt's parents coming up this weekend to help with these tasks. Jess has gotten the nesting bug and has been cleaning and cooking. It's been fun cooking on the new gas stove, plus with all the fall soup recipes, it's been very yummy!
We had an entire 7 days off together to enjoy our new home. We got to cook together, have friends and family over. We lit a fire in our bedroom fireplace most every night now that the nights are getting colder. We've had hot cocoa and hot tea while watching the sunset on our back deck. We're loving the fall colors here! With this terrific view, it's been wonderful to watch the colors become more vibrant each day!
Our work week started back with more great news-Jess got accepted into graduate school. She'll be in the dual primary and acute care pediatric nurse practitioner program! We're so excited to begin this new stage of life. After 2 years out of school, it's a little intimidating going back, but mostly just exciting!
We are so blessed!