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Friday, January 7, 2011


Hello everyone! Jess here!

As I mentioned earlier, I've been cooking more and still having pretty good success. I made chicken parmesan last night and it was very satisfying. Matthew and I have also been entertaining more friends recently which is really wonderful! I love having people over.

On Wednesday, Matthew and I finally had the time to do a few things here at my place that we'd been meaning to do. He hung my crosses. To give a quick story of these, I have a small collection of crosses that I hope will grow over the years. I have a painting that I made for my 21st birthday at Sips N Strokes and the other crosses are gifts or mark special events in my life. The Africa painting Matthew bid on at an auction to benefit Invisible Children. I think it all works very well together. We also discovered Gorilla Hooks. No studs required to hang things with these wonderful hooks and everything is held up very securely. Here's a photo of how it looks. I love it!

I also got an iPhone recently. My parents gave me one for graduation and I just picked it up this week. I've really been enjoying it. As part of all this fun, I joined the world of Words with Friends. Matthew and I enjoy board games but we don't really have any, so we ended up playing Words with Friends, which turned into quite a fun game of scrabble. What a technological world we live in!

Be praying for the weather this weekend. They're predicting some pretty serious snow and ice. St. Vincent's called to let me know that there's a chance they'll postpone orientation if the weather's bad. So be praying for good decisions on that front. I'm excited to start work, but I do really love snow!

Also in wedding news, we reserved a block of rooms at the Comfort Inn Airport. The code is Mata/Johnson Wedding. A room with 2 queen beds in $63.74 and 1 king bed is $67.99. The hotel offers continental breakfast and an airport shuttle at certain times of day. The hotel is about 10 minutes from the church and the botanic gardens (reception site).

"God gave us eternal life,
and this life is in his Son.
Whoever possesses the Son has life;
whoever does not possess the Son of God does not have life.
I write these things to you so that you may know
that you have eternal life,
you who believe in the name of the Son of God."
-1 John 5:11-13

God bless!
Matt & Jess